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Here are a number of links that as a DBA I have found useful over the years. Reproduced here with thanks to all of the originators.

mssql-cli interactive command line tool for sql server
testing copy_only backups with sql server
restore a database with cdc enabled
updating an expired sql server tde certificate
identify system object differences between sql server versions
an alternative to data masking
table variable myths and partial truths
quick sql server health check report using ps/sql scripts
the count function in t-sql
fixing error 19405 when configuring sql server availability groups
sql server reporting services 2017 tutorials
configure read only routing
add a sql server database to an existing always on availability group
liberating the dba from sql authentication with ad groups
sql 2017 adaptive query processing – batch mode memory grant feedback
how to recover data from a sql server temporal table
backdoor to elevate sql server security privileges
computed columns: reversing data for easier searching
who should own the database?
two code patterns that don’t virtualize well
steps to plan an upgrade of sql server
run all sql scripts in a folder (with logging)
a method to find trace flags
network issue or threadpool waits?
sql server on tls 1.2: checklist to disabling tls 1.1 and 1.0
disk encryption and the impact to dba's
creating a sql server build and patch release table
how to fix orphaned users easily
sql server 2017 cu3 adds tempdb spill diagnostics in dmvs and extended events
sql server 2017 cu3 adds cxconsumer waits
installing sql server vnext ctp1 on red hat linux 7.2
sql server 2017 identity_cache feature
how to change the file extension for a data file
sql server machine learning services – python basics

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